Friday 12 May 2017

US equities continue to climb

US equity indexes continue to periodically break new historic highs, lead by the Nasdaq. The mid term upward trends - from early 2016, remain comfortably intact.



The current wave that began in Feb'2016 from sp'1810 continues, and shows little sign of concluding.

It could be argued the MACD (blue bar histogram) cycle is on the high side - which it is, but that could remain the case for a long time to come. Even if a rollover began in May/June, we wouldn't see a bearish cross/negative cycle until at least Sept/Oct.

Key 'break signs...

-Monthly 10MA, currently at 2268, but rising by 20/25pts a month.
-Any break under the Feb'2017 low of 2363.

Best guess: further upside, at least into Sept/Oct. If by end Oct' any retrace has not yet broken core rising trend, the market could be expected to continue powering upward into spring 2018.

Fundamentally, earnings and econ-data continue to come in 'reasonable'. There is simply no sign of a US recession any time soon.

Many other world equity markets are even more bullish than the US, with multi-decade breakouts. Based on price structure, many have 'basic upside' of 35/45% before a realistic threat of maxing out. In theory, that should equate to 25% in the US.... to sp'3k.

yours... trying to keep things in perspective.

Tuesday 31 January 2017

Equities cruising higher

January saw a new historic high of sp'2300, as underlying price momentum continues to lean increasingly bullish. There is simply no sign of the current wave that began in Feb'2016 ending.



January saw a third consecutive net monthly gain, as - contrary to what some wish to believe, the post election rally continues.

For now, there is zero reason to be bearish unless a monthly close under the key 10MA, which will soon be in the 2200s.

It is entirely possible - if not probable, that we'll see the 2400s by May/June.

sp'monthly7 - ichimoku

Its interesting to note that by year end, the top of the cloud will be around sp'1950. Those calling for deflationary collapse really have no justification until a break inside the cloud.