Monday 1 December 2014

The broader market remains strong

The US equity market remains strong, having effectively seen 'hyper gains' from the mid October low of sp'1820... all the way to 2075 in late November. A move to the sp'2100s looks very likely by late January 2015.



Despite the end of QE from the US Fed (with the BoJ taking up some of the slack), the broader US market is holding onto huge hyper gains since the mid October low of sp'1820.

Sustained trading under the giant sp'2000 threshold, never mind 1900 (as some are still seeking) looks highly unlikely before year end.

MARCON 6.. for mere days

It remains notable that we did see MARCON drop from 7 to 6 in October.. but it lasted mere days... and since then.. this market is holding at MARCON 7.

A break back to 6 looks unlikely for some months.