Tuesday, 15 October 2013

New page, 1998-2004 MARCON

I have added a major new page (see left side column) which details how MARCON would have been defined in the late 1990s, across the tech boom peak, and then down to the 2002 lows.

Holding at MARCON 7 into 2014 ?

As things are, with the debt ceiling can due to be kicked into November, and from there, another kick into summer/autumn 2014, it looks like we'll be holding at MARCON 7 at least into spring 2014. At that point, we might even be trading in the sp'2000s. No doubt, that is a disturbing thought for most of the remaining doomer bears out there.

Ohh, and here is a 20yr chart covering MARCON....and the three giant bubbles.

sp'monthly9b - MARCON, 20yr

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